Custom Post Types

I often hear these words at work: “We can build a custom post type for this” or “I built a custom post type for that” and I’ve always known, generally, what a custom post type was, but I didn’t really know what was involved in creating one.

Given I’m on this quest to become a WordPress developer, and it seems likely these three words will come up again in future conversations, I thought it would be worthwhile to spend some more time with custom post types.

Developers Handbook

One thing I’ve always done – probably since my earliest days of programming – was to forget how I setup and configured the various components of my development environment.

Whenever I would trash my setup, get a new computer, or whatever it was that would force me to recreate MySQL tables, reinstall a CMS, or reconfigure my Mac web server, I would always have to go on a quest to find those resources I had used however long ago and recreate what I had done before.

With that, I decided I would create a very simple custom post type to document the components of my development environment.

For lack of a better name, I’m calling it my Developers Handbook – it’s light on content now, but I’ll fill it out soon and probably add features to the plugin over time.

The source code to this very simple plugin is available on my Bitbucket page.