Dev and Prod

So, I have my local dev and prod environments set up. I think it’s a decent start, but I’m open to any suggestions for improvement. Here’s what I’ve got going so far.

Code Editor

I’ve done a little with Sublime Text 2 in the past, so I decided to keep it as my editor for now. I’ll probably give Atom a go soon enough, but not yet. For what it’s worth, my last favorite code editor before Sublime was BBEdit, version 6.0. I just checked and it’s currently at v11. Wow, how long ago was v6 the tool to use? Well, it doesn’t matter – I’m sure it still doesn’t suck, but I’m moving on.

I haven’t done a lot to set up Sublime, but the documentation for Sublime is pretty extensive, so that’s cool. I did install the package controller – a must have, and then installed the Sublime LinterWordPress and WordPress Developer Resources packages. Time will tell if these are useful and I’m sure there are a few more I’ll need.

Dev Environment

I work on a Mac, currently v. 10.10.5, so I already have most of what I need to do LAMP development. The team at work is always talking about Varying Vagrant Vagrants, so I decided to extend my setup with VVV.

I had set this up before, because the team was talking about it, but I couldn’t remember how until I found this incredible guide.

Prod Environment

I really don’t know how I ended up here, but I have an account on Definitely not the place to go to quickly standup a WordPress site, but it does make me feel a little geeky again. I mean, I running this site on Ubuntu and NGINX, and I had to set it up all myself.

I do love the command line.


So that’s where I am. I now have the tools to start writing code again.

Now I need to figure out what to focus on first: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP or do I jump right into WordPress dev? Give a plugin a try? No, I should probably read up on WordPress coding standards…

Well, this can wait. I’m missing the latest episode of GOT on HBO NOW.

I’ll decide tomorrow.